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Frequently Asked Questions about the EIPA IP Marketplace Platform
Q1. Can the platform be used by anyone?
A1. Yes. There are no restrictions on the use of the platform to search for listed patented technologies and identify persons with whom to discuss licensing availability. Likewise, there are no restrictions on who can submit their patents and patent application publications for inclusion on the platform. A submission form with additional details is available on the main page.
Q2. With respect to the platform, the EIPA official gazette notice indicates that the “EIPA cannot be responsible for its accuracy.” What does this mean?
A2. Once information about a patent or patent application publication is uploaded onto the platform, circumstances can change, and the information regarding the licensing availability may no longer be up to date. For example, the patent may no longer be available for licensing, it may have expired or been disclaimed, or it may be found to be unenforceable. In addition, a published patent application that is included on the platform may have been abandoned and not issued as a patent.
Q3. Is there a way to request corrections to the platform?
A3. You can email comments, including requests for corrections, to IPMarketplace@eipa.gov.et
Q4. Is there someone I can contact for technical assistance regarding the use of the platform?
A4. Yes. Please email your questions to IPMarketplace@eipa.gov.et